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Our Treatement Areas
Gaucher Disease
Fabry Disease
Pompe Disease
Niemann Pick B
Thyroid Cancer
B-Cell Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia
Multiple Sclerosis

Our Treatment Areas

The Therapeutics Division in Canada is comprised of 3 distinct businesses dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians in the following diseases:

Lysosomal Storage Disease (LSD’s)

LSD’s are a group of rare genetic diseases that affect the lives of hundreds of Canadians. The treatments developed by Genzyme; Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) allows people affected with these diseases to have significant improvement in the quality and longevity of their lives. This would not be possible without the advent of ERT treatments.


Over 2000 Canadian will be diagnosed with well-differentiated Thyroid cancer this year. The diagnosis will bring numerous visits to physicians and hospitals, a surgical procedure to remove the cancerous thyroid (thyroidectomy), and a lifetime of thyroid hormone suppression drugs to reduce the risk of recurrence of the cancer. A yearly test, requiring 4-6 weeks off their standard medication, leaving people with thyroid cancer to suffering drug withdrawal that results in significant morbidity and reduction in their quality of life.

Patients with Thyroid Cancer now have an alternative to drug withdrawal. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) allows patients to undergo their annual testing by elevating TSH levels in their blood.


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